Production Company Ltd. "CAPITAL"
Production input metal doors of an economy class
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Production input metal doors of an economy class

The company produces the input CAPITAL metal doors with locks different sets of furniture and domestic and foreign production, namely:

- Metal door jamb of a shaped tube (40x40 mm, 40x60 mm) PACKAGE buildings;

- metal doors with reinforced jamb with two circuits and seals melamine MDF panel thickness of 6 mm;

- reinforced metal doors with jamb seals with two circuits and laminated MDF panel thickness of 10, 12, 16 mm;

- metal doors with reinforced jamb at shelters such as "Bark".

Doors are made of high-tech modern foreign metal-working equipment, ensuring the highest quality manufacturing at the lowest price.Company's organizational structure and management provide the control and constant monitoring technology, efficiency schemes, "Make - product - the market".Production of doors for our company is focused on the wholesale consumer.Pricing policy is based on continuous monitoring of market conditions, supply and demand.The minimum cost of a single door for today is 7,000 rubles.It may vary depending on the configuration items.